What it’s like to go from one child to two



As a huge prego woman I would lounge on my couch and imagine life with 2 kids. Visions of lots of my boys running around the yard chasing each other with sticks and digging up bugs out of the garden filled my mind. The sounds of giggles and laughter. Kaysen would have his very own little buddy.

Now, I was not oblivious to the fact that there would be challenges. I thought about loading 2 kids up in the car and running errands…

Difficult? Most likely. Impossible? Nah. I got this.

Let me tell you… Imagining something and having it actually come to pass is 2 different things. Becoming a mom of 2 kids has been a little more than a walk in the park. 

I never could have imagined how much our lives would change with the addition of another little guy.

What has surprised me the most is the family member this change is affecting the most. Me? I am doing pretty good… a little more tired for sure, but honestly I am okay and doing better than I imagined I would be.

Kaysen… well that’s a WHOLE ‘notha story.

My poor boy, Kaysen James, is really not enjoying his life right now, not one bit. (Just look at that picture….. LESS THAN THRILLED!)

This is hard to watch. His world has been turned upside down. For him, EVERYTHING has changed. Before Brixton entered the world it was 100% all about Kaysen.

Anything he needed he got, and promptly.

Well, lets just say that ship has sailed. Brixton has so many needs and takes up all my time. Helping Kaysen right when he thinks he needs something is just not going to happen anymore. My boy is currently learning the hard lesson of patience.

He isn’t enjoying learning this lesson, and honestly it is testing my patience too. It seems the slightest thing can throw him off. The tantrums are uncontrollable and frequent. He has reverted in many ways… I am so glad we didn’t try the potty training yet, I’m sure that woulda been a big ol’ waste of time.

I didn’t know the extent of his frustration until I tried to take both the boys out of the house for the FIRST time. It went a little something like this:

I took Brixton out of the car and carried him in the carseat on my left arm. I then went to other side of car to get Kayse out. I held his hand in mine as we walked into the store. Kayse decided he had had it! and threw himself onto the ground screaming. (This has never happened before, I was in complete shock). I proceed to try and get him to stand up and walk into the store, but NO this was not going to happen. I was SOOOO embarrassed people just walked by me with stares of annoyance. I decided to just pick him up with my free arm and carry in both children. This was about 3 days after giving birth, so I was not in the best shape at the time. We’ll just deem that a COMPLETE disaster! Kaysen is just trying to get attention in any way that he can.

I am trying to spend any time that Brixton is sleeping doing one on one time with Kaysen… but he is still just cries over nothing throughout the entire day. I think this may be contributing to a good chunk of my exhaustion.

I think the hardest part for me to watch is the way Kaysen feels… or doesn’t feel about his new baby brother.

 (To all you moms of twins out there…. YOU’RE AMAZING and don’t ever forget it!)

The struggles are real over here at my house. Filled with daily tantrums of why I can’t be in two places caring for two children at once. I am sure hoping that Kaysen will learn to love this new little guy as much as I do. I cannot wait for the day I look over and see him playing with his new brother!



Feel free to share in the comments your experiences with going from one to two kids or any advice you have! We would love to hear it!
Just hang in there sis! He will learn to love Brixton and he will be his number one fan! Olivia went through the same phase… it was ruff. We def had the parking lot meltdowns (sometimes we still do). My advice would be lower your expectations for daily life and pray  lot! Love you!

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  1. Remember that K is two and some of that behavior is normal even without a new brother. It reminds me of what Julie went through with Lisette when She was two!

    1. Julie was telling me about some of her experiences! Kids will be kids!

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