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Lexy here….

I am 24 years old and I live in the great old state of IDAHO. Okay, I know you’re probably thinking ‘potatoes’. Aren’t they wonderful? It just so happens I adore potatoes. I could eat a potato any time of day, mashed, smashed, fried, roasted, scalloped, you name it, I’ve devoured em!! My husband despised them because I have served them so much. What can I say…. It’s the best food on the planet! Besides the potatoes, Idaho has much to offer and it is an amazing place to live! It’s beautiful, full of fun places to go and amazing memories to be made!

James and I met at the fair the summer before our senior year of high school…. yep that’s right, we are high school sweethearts! I had showed up to the fair with some of our mutual friends, when this hunk of a man showed up I about lost it. My knees were shaking, I think my hands were sweating, and my heart was racing. You see James just so happened to be my secret crush since 8th grade! I was shocked when he actually wanted to go on a ride with me. The swings sealed the deal for James and I, it was all over from there. Senior year was by far the best of my High School days. James was a football player, I went to EVERY game cheering on  #38! I was on the dance team. So we were basically perfect for each other! Dating James was a blast. here are some pics from that year, including prom. Ahh… ♥

Lexy Lloyd 130 IMG_0059 jAMES copy

 After high school I moved in with my sis to start the college life. James decided to follow me up there so we could be together. We had a ton of fun…. the pictures don’t do it justice!

188669_141714319229163_535088_n 68270_119925061408089_4751989_n IMG_0025

We loved dating, mostly loved kissing! Unlike my sister and her hubby we kissed on our first date. All I’ll say is he tricked me into it! But I didn’t mind one bit! We had such a great time just goofing off and living the young life.

After a year of doing the college thing we decided it was time to seal the deal… I married this hunk of a man in the temple.  James is the most caring, patient, and hardworking man I have ever met! But best of all he is absolutely HILARIOUS and that is why I fell in love with him! I mean just look at that last wedding picture of us. That photo about sums us up. Eternity will be just fine with this one… : )

  IMG_0034 IMG_0042 IMG_0043

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We spent our first six months kissing a ton! Then came along… a rotten little puppy named Linkin.

 IMG_0523 IMG_0068  IMG_0067 

You may be looking at these pictures going “awe… what a sweet innocent little thing!” I am afraid you have been deceived. This little fart may look like an angel but come to my home and I will show you evidence that will convince you otherwise. The carpet has at least ten holes, baseboards look like chew toys, and my brand new mattress… well let’s not even go there! In all his glory we still find a spot way way WAY deep in our hearts to love him! Apparently Link wasn’t enough of a terrorist for our family so we decided to graduate from puppy parents to the REAL DEAL!

IMG_1166God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy on February the 14th 2014. He is our Valentine’s baby. At first we referred to him as “the baby,” we just couldn’t agree on a name! After 2 days in the hospital the decision was to name him Kaysen James after his daddy. We just wanted to sign the papers and get the heck out of there. Because we named him so late, when we walked out of the room the nurse asked what name we decided on. My response was “um………james what is it?” I had TOTALLY forgotten haha! Becoming a mother was the greatest gift God could ever give me. There is just nothing like a mother’s love for her children… I know people say that ALL the time but it is just so true!


Unfortunately after just 6 short weeks with this precious pooping machine I had to return to my 45-50 hour a week job managing a Sprint store here in town. I was dreading this….. hardest thing I have ever had to do. I would just be thinking of the little man all day long it was hard to focus at work. He had the best grandparents and auntie watching over him while I was gone.

IMG_2751_2 IMG_3591 IMG_3246 IMG_2800_2

They would even bring him once a day, sometimes I got lucky and they would bring him twice! I was a spoiled working mother! No matter how easy they made it for me once Kaysen turned a year I just couldn’t take it anymore! James worked as hard as he could to make it possible for me to be at home with him every day. I now get to witness the simple joys that my son brings to this life! Kaysen is a real hoot and keeps me on my toes! He loves jumping off anything and everything even the counter when I’m not looking! I call him my little adventurer, his nose is one of his favorite things to explore… and sometimes mine. For reals though, mommy life is so hard and so amazing at the same time. I couldn’t ask for a better job or responsibility. I cherish the opportunity to stay home with my sweet son watching him learn and grow.  

 IMG_3754 IMG_3629 Family 15 9

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While I am at home I enjoy making sweet treats. I will probably try to persuade you that they are for someone else but in all truth I make them for my own indulgence! I love any DIY project especially when it involves the good ole crochet hook and a fancy ball of yarn. On a typical night you could find me on my couch with my spoon in a quart of chocolate peanut butter ice cream watching The Office! This household lives a very laidback lifestyle and we enjoy every minute of it. I love a good time spent with my wonderful family I don’t care what we are doing as long as we are doing it together!

Family 15 3

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If you didn’t already know, my sister is the best thing since sliced bread! Get on over to her page to see what I mean!

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