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I left home the fall after high school graduation with a packed Jeep, a huge smile, tons of dreams, and loads of passion for life. This was the start of my adventures as ‘Kayla the grown up.’ You know that feeling when you move away from home… kinda like driving a car alone for the first time. SO MUCH FREEDOM! I was determined to make the most of my college experience so I jumped all in, no reservations.


I played for the women’s golf team… here is a pic of my tee shot at the national tournament. Pause… I need a moment of silence for the death of that tan and those calves. Alright. I’m okay, we can continue. On top of golf I held a job, participated in choir, was an advisor in an honors society, held office in student government, and somehow managed to do well in all my classes… I’m not exactly sure how I did all that… These days I feel accomplished if I get my teeth brushed by lunch time.

After finishing up with that phase of my life I found myself in a small redneck town… a place I now love. I have to like it just a little since I made it out of there with this gem…


Meet the guy who greatly surpassed the “man of my dreams”. We SLOWLY started dating. After 7 months he held my hand, 8 months he kissed me, and 11 months he asked me to marry him….

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I was speechless… literally.

With wide racoon eyes I gave the poor guy a nod of the head as my answer. Who does that? What a doof. I should have been laughing, crying, jumping up and down, screaming or something… anything but what I did! It’s not that I didn’t want to marry him, I mean that was all I wanted. It just took me by surprise. I mean I knew we were dating to marry, that was clear from the beginning, but I just couldn’t understand… How could a guy like him would want to marry me!?! I was in complete denial of how he really felt about me. You see, I pictured him with one of those sweet, quiet, cute, put together, swoop bang mormon girls straight off the cover of a Down East magazine or something. Not frumpy, clumsy, loud, messy ol’ me! But he meant it and here is the proof…

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We have now enjoyed more than 2 years as Mr. and Mrs. They have been the most peaceful and certainly happiest years of our lives. (I acknowledge there have been trials) In the first year we became pregnant and received our bachelor degrees…. 





Very shortly after graduation this little sweety joined us…


I realized that being a mother was everything to me, so I dropped all my other plans and made the decision to proudly accept the best job offer ever as “Stay at Home Mom”…

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I did so well on the job that after just 5 short months I received a promotion…


Meet my boy who decided to join our party 2 weeks after our daughter’s first birthday…


Why was I so scared of having a boy? He is seriously the most precious thing!


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Pretty much this mother of 2 thing rocks…


Especially with a guy like this by my side every step of the way…


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Our little family makes lots (LOTS) of goofs but we also have unending giggles. There is no better life than family life.


Photo Cred: Living Legacy Photography

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6 thoughts on “Kayla

  1. I love every single one of those photos and we love, Love, LOVE you guys! You are gracious enough to listen to our goofs and laugh along with us!

    1. We LOVE the you guys too. Hahaha yep and you have def seen some of our goofs 😉 What a blessing to have such great friens. Thanks for looking at the blog Katie! I know it has lots of needed improvement but I’m confident we will get there one day 🙂

  2. You are absolutely amazing Kayla! I adore you and all of your family and you are an inspiration to me.

    1. I love you Jen! I always talk about how amazing you are. I am so grateful to know you. Keep being amazing. You help so many people 🙂 and thanks for commenting and supporting my new adventure!

  3. Kayla, I just Love you and getting to laugh at/with you through this hilarious blog. 😉

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