Life’s been crazy….

So we haven’t done a blog post in forever and we are so sorry about that! Life gets in the way sometimes, but that’s what we are all about. Being a mom is hard! And now that I am a mom of two I have come to realize it’s even harder but that’s okay.
It is taking me some time to adjust to life and I am slowly figuring it all out. My two boys are finally starting to get on a similar schedule. I mean, on Monday I felt like I was SUPERWOMAN! I cleaned every room in my house and not to mention cleaned and folded 5 loads of laundry!! WHAT?!? That’s a serious win for me so let me just take a second and pat myself on the back real quick! 😂 

Anyways, we are going to do our best to get to writing more often so that you get to hear about our crazy lives! Things like our kids eating weird and sometimes nasty things to breaking really expensive Windows out of rage cause our dog is nuts! Stay tuned for more goofs but lots more giggles! Love to you all! 
Kayla and Lexy! ❤️

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