I’m a crazy person

So for those of you who have had babies you might be able to sympathize with me or at least for my oh so poor husband! 
I’m running on little to no sleep here and I swear I could be mistaken for the wicked witch from the west these days. 

Just for example last night say around 11:30 pm I was indulging in my skinny cow ice cream bar just before bed (which my husband so kindly picked up from the grocery store the night before).  Well I’m in about 1 and a half bites and James decides to reach over and try to steal a quick bite from my icecream bar. By my reaction you coulda thought the world was coming to an end….. Furious I tell ya! I proceeded to angrily tell him that was mine ALL MINE! Since I’m on a healthy eating diet I wanted every last bite of that ice cream bar. I needed it for my own SANITY! 

My poor husband just wanted one little bite and I freaked out! Things like this are starting to occur on the daily, I feel like the worst wife in the whole world. I thank the heavens I have a super sweet husband who just brushes it off his shoulders. Just today I sent him a guilty text while he was at work saying, “sorry for being such a booger yesterday, I love you.” He responds with, “it’s okay I know you are tired, I love you too!” Seriously!!! Does that not melt your heart while making me look like even more of a fart? ( that’s what I call my kids when they are acting completely insane). Well let’s hope this one hell of a guys patience doesn’t run thin here soon or I’ll be in a serious pickle!
Someone save me from this craziness and  Summon me to my cozy bed for a good 10 hour nap. Then maybe just maybe I’ll be a normal human being again! 

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