Breakfast Banana  Splits 

If you haven’t noticed from my recipe posts we have been eatin a little healthier around here.

It’s been going pretty smoothly I have a make a weekly meal plan and grocery list. Takes time but it has been totally worth it.

The only problem has been breakfast time… It seems like crisis mode every morning as the children awake. It’s as if they haven’t eaten in days. Well I rush to get them a healthy breakfast made, served, then diapers changed, outfits selected and on,  hair done, and then it’s 10 and I haven’t eaten.

This sets me up for a not very good day.

So I began my search for quick, easy, healthy and delicious breakfast options.

That was when I saw this!

My daughter even liked it!

What you need:

High protein Greek yogurt




What you do:

  1. Cut slit in banana
  2. Fill middle with Greek yogurt (I like vanilla)
  3. Put sliced berries (I did strawberries and huckleberries)
  4. Add a little crunch with some granola

Yum! Healthy breakfast!

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